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LaRouche: We Have Entered A Period Of Discontinuity

LaRouche: We Have Entered A Period Of Discontinuity

October 21, 2007 (LPAC)–Lyndon LaRouche warned today that any attempts to comprehend the unfolding global economic and political crisis from the standpoint of « events » is doomed to fail. « We are living in a period of discontinuity, in which history is being driven by processes, not events, » LaRouche explained. He cited, as the best example of this phenomenon, the collapse of support among the American people for the U.S. Congress, in a matter of less than one year. Congress, LaRouche noted, enjoys about a 10.7 percent approval rating from the American people, according to all recent polls and other measures. Yet, less than a year ago, at the time of the November 2006 midterm elections, Congress was triumphant over the widely hated Bush-Cheney White House, and enjoyed enormous support. Congress, through its dismal failures of the past eleven months, has self-discredited. Just look, LaRouche said, at the fact that you have Felix Rohatyn parked out in the office of Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. Or look at the fact that Rep. Barney Frank has thoroughly failed to act on what he certainly knows to be the systemic collapse of the present global financial and monetary system. These are just some of the most obvious examples.

LaRouche emphasized that this process of collapse of our leading political institutions–both the Democratic and Republican parties, the U.S. Congress as an institution, and all of the purported leading candidates of both parties for the U.S. Presidency–has created a feeling of total disgust among the vast majority of Americans. « The great danger, » LaRouche concluded, « is that the intensity of the self-discrediting of all of our leading political institutions, could open the opportunity for dictatorship. » There are, he noted, clearly circles both in London, and inside the Bush Administration, who have been looking for the opportunity to rip up the Constitution and turn the United States into a police state. They didn’t fully get what they wanted with the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, but they have not given up.



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