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Economic crisis and the return to South Africa.

 Economic crisis and the return to South Africa.


Submitted by CD in the UK:

As I sit here looking at a $840 gold price I see real problems developing around the world. For those of you that do not know about the coming global economic crisis it is really time to wake up!

The US dollar is at a all time low and is tearing at the seams. Also please remember that America hegemony and influence will subside very quickly and no one really knows where this may lead ,especially in those countries that rely on American power and money to stabalize their countries and keep their proxy governments in power. If America falls economically, believe me most of western civilization will follow. Enter communist CHINA.

I have been sitting here in London feeling the pinch of heavy food inflation and much higher taxes. To be honest, when the money we as foreigners have been making so easily, dries up, there is very little reason for me and the hundreds of thousands other Saffas to stay in our newly adopted countries.
It seems to me that not many people understand the geopolitical consequences of oil at 100 dollars per barrel and a fading american dollar. The price of food will rocket and many millions will lose thier jobs. Food riots, massive strikes and general anarchy will be the order of the day.
I can see the million or so that has left SA return. Not for better oppertunities but to be with their families in these dire times. Where would you rather be? A lonely foreigner in some country that does not want you there anymore or fighting for survival with your mates in a country you know.

Did any of us ever stop to think that laws like the patriot act in America is not really there to stop outside terrorism but to keep control of government in a time where there are millions of people very unhappy because they have no food or homes etc.

I wish I am wrong and of course I would like to paint a rosy picture but these realities are here today.
What effect would all these returning white people have on South Africa politically an socially?

I write these thoughts to encourage other people much more qualified to provide some clarity on this situation. Am I wrong in my assesment?
Something is going to hit the fan in the next year or two. We are at the edge of a cliff and what is going to tip us over is anyone’s guess.

For our American friends I would just like to state that this letter is not America bashing. I know most of you are not your government, just as in South Africa.

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  1. I sort of agree with the tone of your article. I have always thought that the so-called subprime crash in the financial markets is more than that. Some more fundamental is at work here. I agree with you that this signals a global shift in the economic arrangement of the world. I am not sure how the crisis will work itself out out at individual level but socially, I ask myself if with the blessings of the internet, we can reshape society for the better. Or we will simply descend into chaos and the present dog-eat-dog world will prevail. Or something in between. But returning to SA or not, what are we doing to remake this world into one worth living in? If you return to SA you will find a country burdened with growing white wealth in a sea of black poverty. And this when there is no longer formal apartheid.

    I want to invite you to join those who are searching the past for treasures that can help the present turn into an image of a better future. That future is the Freedom Charter.

  2. i do agree as well with the tone of your article.
    The deep dark economic recesion of today will affect everyone of us not today or tomorrow, but in a long turm process. companies will , without a doubt, tighten their belts. Big companies will become unviable and the relationship between the companies and the consumers will become almost non existant.
    Bouazza Machkour

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