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USA, The Game is Over – The end is numbered in weeks

USA, The Game is Over – The end is numbered in weeks


I said some time ago, the west collapse is numbered in months, not years.

I was of course wrong.

The end is numbered in weeks, not months. So a bit of a correction is in order.

It’s basically no xmas for the yanks.

Like all systems, once thrown off balance, it proceeds exponentially, not linearly.

Once the balance exceeds the damping factors, which are typically all controllable by the state economy dictators, it’s no longer just oscillation, or in econ terms “recession”, “depression” or any other cyclical phenomena caused by the nature of masturbating with the typical gov’t inputs like the price of money, bond issues, yields, capitalisation, inflation, employment, market tax and laws. Once it goes, it goes, just like any chain reaction. And from there on, the system either converges to some steady state point, which could easily be the re-assessment of the west’s collective worth and devaluation of its money accordingly or it diverges going completely off the scale.The latter is typically what happens because the west fiscal policy has always been to hyperinflate. It’s based on war and for 2000 yrs in the Eurotrash bin and the last 200 yrs since the saxon managed to disgorge on the west side of the Atlantic, they have done just that – print more and protect the dollar through war forcing the world into dollar obedience.They’ve used several tricks like gold convertible loans, or the recently destroyed petrodollar.However, no monopoly can exist without lethal protection and the US has used war in perpetuity to protect its monopolies, chiefly its currency monopoly designed by papa Bush and the Saudi house in the early 70s. The wars the US has instigated as a economy security measure have murdered some 20-25M people just since WWII destroying 68 nations around the globe.

The state of the matter today is that the system of the west economy is no longer in US/EU control. In fact, there exist no means to get it under control. It’s like a falling plane or a melting down nuke plant. The US and subsequently west econ system is melting down exponentially today. The gangrene from the nuked dollar monopoly in mid-2006 has spread like California wild fires through the entire west infected system from New Zealand, to the recently acquired members like Poland and Czech Republic, west Europe, the US, and its obedient war prisoner Japan. And there’s nothing the west can do to contain it.

Lowering the prime rate does nothing today. All it’s gonna achieve if anything at all is to suck the remainder of the fractional reserve right out of the US failed banking system. After having just printed 200B to float it, they’re not about to leak it on another hasty rate cut. There seems to be a row a-brewing in the US now on this very issue. Quite funny actually. It’s like air traffic controllers blaming each other for an inevitable crash.

Printing more funny money, which is what they’re doing — and in fact have now moved to a blank check scenario, which means they’ll stop publishing the enormous numbers Bush has been getting — achieves nothing but sharpens the fangs of the hyperinflation monster ready to pounce the west economies. It’s worth to mention that in just the last few months Bush has printed himself some 750B pushing the dollar M3 inflation well over 30%, which is UNHEARD of in the history of mankind, and probably in the history of the entire Milky Way, if you’re an David Icke alien believer. It’s no wonder they’re moving to a blank check now as to stop announcing these big numbers.

All the west can do now is to mitigate the damage: allocate regions for total obliteration; provide liferafts for the good ol’ boys; distribute parachutes among themselves; and beef up the preatorian guard. But still, the crash is out of their hands and coming at an exponential clip.

To this end, certain US Bush-boy banks are getting laws inked not to honour the accounts. The mainstream exposure just within the US, now cleverly hidden under the new west media word “charge”, is 1T.

Of course, the reality is that it’s probably far larger a laceration but details hardly matter anymore. The point is that the US gov’t is working overtime now figuring out who gets a liferaft and who’s gonna die with the sinking boat. Detroit and many other typically manufacturing cities in the US are now some 20-25% barren. There’s millions, some 2-5M now, waiting to go homeless in the US and again, this is exponential.

I scoped some properties on the east coast of the US recently and it’s routine now not to get an individual sales agent anymore but instead a phone number to some bank teller who are now selling the foreclosed properties en masse. Amazing retooling of an industry. Of course, more amazing is the US redneck vacant stare at it all, but…


You can imagine with the euro devouring the dollar every single day, what sort of interest the US redneck abandoned properties hold now. And it doesn’t take a whole lot of brain to figure that it’s now counted in silly qtrs before the US land is bought out right from under the yank baboons’ rumps. That’s an effective death of a nation, that is. And that’s just a tiny respect of the proceeding giant US collapse.

Watch for US companies going on sale despite Bush’s laws. With many others, GM owned up to a record sinking in some whopping 40B loss now. Either Bush prints them hyperinflated money, grants them all sorts of laws allowing them to void debts, abuse workers, ignore creditors, and gives them tax asylum they’re going leave the US union and garage sale list themselves.

By mid 2008, the US shall have been sold for the most part. I suspect Bush will maintain a stringent control on airlines since he needs those to pull his 911 pranks and some other industries run by his cabal, but I’d even predict the NYSE and NASDAQ will either go bankrupt or seek euro influx becoming someone else’s property.

Therefore all predictions that the west is gonna last for 6 more months or so were wrong. It’s far shorter than that. It may be now weeks.

And so what’s the yank to do? What can they do about their laughable implosion? I mean, an empire that failed to clock even a pitiful 300 yrs shall be but a little ugly smear in the history books, hardly worth a mention. And studied it should be for no equivalent in the mental stupidity that so screamingly abounds in the US has never and shall never ever emerge on this planet again.

But, as much fun it would be to study this yank checkered shirt redneck trailer dwelling presumably mammal with a laughable collection of state-mutilated genitals, the answer sadly remains ‘nothing’.

There’s absolutely nothing the US can do today to avert or even soften the coming big bang for the vast majority of its denizens.

Spanking Iran, the chief transgressor of the US dollar monopoly, which daringly continues to peddle now a record 85% of its oil export in anything but dollars, is as technically impossible as it solves nothings.

Hitting some 5000 strategic points within nanoseconds which include movable targets with 100% success is not a job for the yanks. Perhaps hitting an unarmed family in a bombed city and then proceeding to rape their children before burning them up with stolen gasoline is within the US military grasp but not Iran.

Never in the entire history of this truly bent child murdering nation has the US dared touch anyone even half armed. Its targets have solely been unarmed children, often “softned up” by decades of business war called sanctions. And Iran, be it whatever it is, does not at all fit that description.

This time the US, should it make this foolish mistake, would face missiles, tanks, air force, subs, satellites, and a complement some 3X the US size, all of which would promptly finish ripping the US baboon rump to unrecognizable gristle.

And even if this miracle could be achieved, it still solves nothing.

The dollar monopoly would still remain broken and even if the US, following a war with Iran, would attack and defeat Venezuela, another armed nation, it would still have to go through Russia and probably China to begin forcing its currency monopoly on the globe. No reason for drawn out details here. This is simply not pos even in Bush’s wildest erotic dreams.

And so, the west is run. As far as the eye can see there’s not a bloody thing the god damn child murdering vermin can do about it but beat its monkey fists on the floor, gather in meetings, threaten Iran, print lies, vow allegiance to Israel, and above all enjoy the helter skelter ride into the gaping abyss.

It’s no surprise Bush keeps harping, like a true loon stuck on a word as he mutters it endlessly to himself, on WWIII. Somehow, he must figure in his texas-educated mind that WWIII could be played out in Euroasia much like his grandpa staged WWII, and the US could once again step in at the end resetting the world to a dollar standard, sucking all gold out in exchange for the greenback paper.

It’s quite possible that Bush could reach the trigger out of sheer desperation but it’s far likely some general who isn’t all that keen on dying or hasn’t been invited to ride out the nuke attacks in the Virginia underground bases with the illuminati have-mores would step in.

After all, a repeat 911 attempt was derailed by a swift aerial attack in Utah by some coup force within the US gov’t, so there appears to be some resistance within the mostly crazed US to the latest Bush’s WWIII bright idea.
by: Poiuytr

on: 08.11.2007

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