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PANIC OF 2008 !

PANIC OF 2008 !


Hello, my friends. I have prepared some fun reading for you to help you idle your work hours away. Barometer falling! Something big’s a-comin’. Bolt the hatches, reef the sails!

Theme of today’s lesson are: panic, 90% dollar deval, become a spy, children for Bush wars, firemen in your homes looking for « terrists », and, of course, sheep.



Prediction dollar 90% down, gold top 2000 current USD. Well, these are just numbers, and it matters very little if it’s 90% or 200% (at some point the degree of poverty stops to matter) but yes, total disaster coming for the west.

« A financial crisis will likely send the U.S. dollar into a free fall of as much as 90 percent and gold soaring to $2,000 an ounce, a trends researcher said…..We are going to see economic times the likes of which no living person has seen, »

The article is pretty worthless but just note the trends.

here’s the source:
Dollar Plunge 90% Poss story in full


FOX, the mindrape HQ, is calling you USans « sheep ». Obviously they’ve copied the technique but of course incorrectly. We all know that it’s baboons, not sheep. Which would you prefer though, you idle-minded yank? Either scratch your thatch or bleat.

youtube clip on Fox calling USans a land of sheep


No one wants dollars today. No one. Maybe toilet paper, but not dollars. Hollywood bimbos and now this. Let’s hope this trend doesn’t take off like wildfire.

« India’s Ministry of Culture announces that foreign tourists can no longer pay in dollars when visiting the Taj Mahal and other heritage sites; »

« Dollar Farewell », full story


Now, you’re thinking: so dollar’s gone, but I’m safe. Well, that just shows how persistently resilient you are to laborious tuition.

UK mindrape mainstream rag reports that US firemen, instead of being, well, firemen, are becoming state riot-containment round-up boys, just like FEMA was armed and converted from its original useless charter of aiding populace in cataclysms. Hmmm, are you wondering what’s coming to your trailer village, baboons? Sorry, sheep? Yes, that’s correct: firemen and FEMA. Not to help you. No… afraid not.

Now a little priceless morsel from source:

« Unlike police, firemen and paramedics do not need warrants to get into homes and other buildings during technical inspections of emergency facilities, making them particularly useful for spotting signs of terrorist planning. »

Again, yanks, listen up. Stop pulling your foreskinless puds and listen. This concerns you! Firemen don’t need no stinking badges, no silly warrants to enter YOUR arse and go terrorist spotting. Here’s the source for you to verify ’cause I admit even I find this so surreal. Is this scifi? No, it’s the US of A.

Firemen To Militias, telegraph source


Don’t go away just yet! This is EVEN more entertaining. Bush needs you, the yank, to help him too. You too can now become part of the terrorist hunt. You too can spy on neighbours, betray friends and family, round up your compatriots. How fun?!

« Defeating terrorism will require the use of more « soft power, » with civilians contributing more in non-military areas like communication, economic assistance an….. »

Notice, the US gov’t now expects you, the yank, to PAY for the wars. Straight out of Pentagon’s mouth. For the slow ones, « economic assistance » means to pay. Don’t believe me? Have a read yourself, it comes straight from the AP mindrape machine.



Even better that the last one. I can’t hardly believe this meself, folks, but alas, it’s here. Bush is rounding up little children in the US. Yes, the suicide rate among the US legions is REAL high. From what we know it’s been disclosed it’s some 6-7K suicides a year. We all know Pentagon is hiding some combat deaths in that count but whatever. Still that’s not much a loss overall. So why rounding up little teens then? Well, ’cause they’ve lied about everything, haven’t they, including the US death rate. Bush’s legions of child murderers are near thinned to critical levels and he needs, not your assistance, your money (well, he needs that too) but he now needs your CHILDREN.

Reminds me of that 1945 Hitler picture where he’s sending off little kids in ridiculously oversized uniforms into the trenches.



« Panic » seem quite appropriate a term.

And now the test. You yanks are doing what? Tell me. Indulge me. OK, I’ll help you.

a) waiting on a miracle?
b) parting your pubes to find your state mutilated laughables?
c) guzzling aspertame laced coke?
d) thinking elections are gonna kiss it all better next year?
e) ignoring this ’cause then it’s gonna go away if you don’t look at it?
f) putting a new paint coat on your trailer squalor that belongs to some bank anyhow?
g) even something less sensible?

Which is it?


source :

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